In February 2017 i graduated for an education called ‘ Besluit houders van dieren‘ this is an by the government compulsory training for breeders.

In September 2017 i started the education to become a ‘therapydog mentor’. I don’t know if the translation is that well. It means i’ll guide my dogs in their work with people and i coach the people to achieve goals. The dogs are alwasy telling the truth, they are always there for you en they feel exactly how you feel. You can’t wear a mask, they will see through it. Dogs listen, they don’t judge and give unconditional love. They even lower your bloodpressure!
Both Bailey and Iron passed their exams en can work in the field now. It all depends on me now! 😀 l will get my diploma in September 2018.

Why i started studying to become a ‘ therapydog mentor’

I work as a nurse in a nursing home in a department with people suffering from dementia. A heavy debilitating disease where you know that it only goes downhill. When i finish my training i can use my dogs in Animal Assites Therapy for the people i already work with.
People suffering from dementia are sometimes difficult to reach and a dog is more accessible. How easy is it, to invite people trough the dog to exercise, that goes almost automaticly.  When you, as a person invote to exercise you get resistance faster, a dog is casual.

But i can also work with a lot of other target groups.
People with autism, PTSD, attachment problems, coaching etc.
Eventualy i can also train my own pups to expand in families with, for example, children wit autism. This will certainly take me some time and i focus first on training my own dogs to practice with them. We kept Cleopatra from the C nest to train her as well. And that’s why it is extra important for us to breed very social dogs.

I’m very enthousiastic about this and have a lot of ambiotions and therefore look forward to the future! I alway learn new things that i can apply in the training and socialization of the pups that are born with us. And agian good socialization is very important to us!