What can you expect

What can you expect from us when buying a puppy:

  • They will get an fci pedigfree
  • The parents are health checked
  • They will be DNA checked, they check if the parents which i said were the parents really are the truth parents. You will get that on a certificate as well.
  • The pups grow up in out family surounded by our daughter en dogs. They will get a extended socialization. More about this at ‘Socialization of the pups’.
  • The pups will grow up in our living room in the middle of our family life.
  • The pups will get their vaccins and will get dewormed.
  • They will get both chunks and meat. At least you will get 3 kilo of chunks¬† and a nice puppy package with a lot of stuff you will need.
  • Aswell we will give an instruction manual with tips and tricks among other things with nutritional advice.
  • Our help and advice wont stop at the door. We like to follow the life of your new Frenchie.
  • When the pup needs to be exported, they need to stay in Holland untill they reach 15 weeks. Because of the Rabi√ęs vaccin.